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A Parser for CREMUL Payment Transaction Files Written in Ruby

For my current project I needed to parse CREMUL payment transaction files, in order to import the payment transactions into our Ruby on Rails application. CREMUL is an EDIFACT file format governed by the UN CEFACT TBG5] organisation.

I searched the web for Ruby and Java libraries that could be used for this purpose, but found no suitable candidates, so I decided to write one myself.

Getting Started With AngularJS, Jetty and Dropwizard

AngularJS front-end

I had some time between customer engagements these past weeks, so I decided to learn the exiting new AngularJS HTML/JavaScript framework that I had planned to look into for a while already. AngularJS is one of the hottest front-end frameworks at the moment as it makes it much easier than before to create advanced webapps running in the browser.

Agile Documentation With Confluence and Sparx Enterprise Architect

Challenges with old-style software architecture documentation

Keeping architecture models and textual documentation up to date is often a challenge, especially if you are creating old-style documentation with MS Word etc. Documentation in MS Word is difficult to edit concurrently by more than one person, and documents are often passed around in emails, which may create confusion about where the “master” documentation can be found. Searching for documentation is often also a problem.

Installing Scout When RVM Is Used

In a recent Ruby on Rails project we needed an application monitoring solution as we where going to do the application management of this application ourselves. The application is deployed on a virtual Linux server at a hosting provider. After a google search of available solutions we decided to try Scout. Scout is a cloud-based application monitoring solution which has gotten good reviews (Comparison of Rails monitoring apps: FiveRuns vs NewRelic RPM vs Scout App), and it has a very reasonable price. This post a summary of the our initial experiences with installing and using Scout.